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2019 DMC USA Finals DJ Battle presented by Rane + Mile High DJ Supply - RESULT
2019 DMC USA Finals DJ Battle presented by Rane + Mile High DJ Supply - RESULT

2019 DMC US Finals DJ Battle Results

presented by Rane + Mile High DJ Supply



Sun. Sept. 8th, 2019

Temple: Denver 


1st: DJ Throdown: Washington DC
2nd: Toltech: Chicago IL

3rd: DJ Ragoza: Chesterfield MA


Photos attached by Lacy Bursick, Dennis Shaw and Christie Z

 DMC USA DJ Battle

Winner - DJ Throdown

 DMC USA DJ Battle

 DMC USA DJ Battle

2nd Toltech

 DMC USA DJ Battle

3rd DJ Ragoza


The nation's biggest DJ Battle, the DMC US DJ Championship went down in Denver Colorado at the flyest nightclub: Temple: Denver!

Thanks to presenter Kyle Montoya from Mile High DJ Supply. Not only did he supply most of the gear for the battle, he did it up bigger than ever by inviting JB Applications to bring in their giant LED wall!



We livestreamed DMC World Champions: Chris Karns, Vekked and Qbert - starts at around 7:00. We apologize in advance for anything you can’t hear on the mic or for the first 7 min. Not everything goes perfectly but we appreciate all that we were able to share!


$2500 cash prize from Virtual DJ:

The Road to Becoming a Champion!

Subscribe to our youtube channel:

 DMC USA DJ Battle

Q bert

 DMC USA DJ Battle


 DMC USA DJ Battle


 DMC USA DJ Battle

Winner - DJ Throdown

 DMC USA DJ Battle

Winner - DJ Throdown

 DMC USA DJ Battle

Top 3

 DMC USA DJ Battle

Top 3

 DMC USA DJ Battle




Check out the photo albums too! 

Dennis Shaw: South Rakkas

Lacy Bursick + Christie Z

Coming soon photos by Ming Han:



Host: Lord Finesse (DITC)

Showcases by DMC World Champions; Qbert, Vekked, DJ Chris Karns,

Partyrocking by Chris Karns



DJ Chris Karns: 2011 DMC World Champion - Denver CO

Vekked: 3x DMC World Champion in all categories

Enfoe: 2005 Vestax Extravaganza Scratch Champ

[Qbert was originally scheduled to judge but decided not to.]


2019 DMC USA Finalists

Dopez: San Antonio TX
Ragoza: Chesterfield MA - first DJ to use Rane Twelves in a DMC US Finals
ASAP Handswell: Washington DC

The Beat Molester: Seattle WA
DJ Remedy: Baltimore MD

Ambideckstriks: Tacoma WA
Toltech: Chicago (also the 2018 DMC US Supremacy Champ)

Steel: Lakewood NJ
Cysko Rokwel: Denver CO

DJ Throdown: Washington DC - defending champion



There are no eliminations at the DMC US Finals national level. The nine 2018 DMC US Regional Champions plus 2018 DMC US defending champion: DJ Throdown each performed a 6 minute routine for the judges.


Judges selected their top 3 winners.

1st place = 3 points. 2nd place =. 2 points. 3rd place = 1


1st place: DJ Throdown: 3 + 3 = 6

2nd place: Toltech: 3 + 2 + 1 = 6

3rd place: Ragoza: 2

4th place: Dopez: 2

5th place: Ambideckstriks: 1 + 1 = 2


As you can see Throdown and Toltech tied for 1st. Throdown had more first place (3) points so he was crowned the champ. Third place as well had a clear tie with Ragoza and Dopez each receiving one second (2) place point from one judge each. To resolve this, all three judges were summoned to discuss who would place 3rd. 2 out of 3 judges voted for Ragoza, leaving Dopez to place 4th and Ambideckstriks to place 5th.

We often argue about judging after the fact. We had 3 judges, for which I was grateful. If Qbert had judged, one can only guess how he would have scored. Would he have favored a more scratch heavy set? Would he have favored the strongest scratcher? If Precision had made it to Denver as he had planned, how would he have voted? The entire outcome could have been different with the addition of two other champion judges. I know people want there to be criteria for the DMC DJ battles but DMC founder: Tony Prince says there’s no criteria. Each judge makes his/her best decisions.


2019 DMC US Champion: DJ Throdown from Washington DC won

Rane Seventy-Two Mixer

A pair of pristine Technics 1200 turntables from

$2500 from Virtual DJ

Technics MK7 Turntable

Technics Headphones

DAS Audio Altea-712A speakers

DMC Rane Twelve control discs from 12inchSkinz 

Gold Rane Seventy Two Mixer Skin from 12inchSkinz

Odyssey 80 count Flight Zone Case

6 month membership to Digital DJ Pool

Rock & Soul Serato vinyl for 1st price + $30 gift card

1 year membership to National Assoc. of Mobile Entertainers

PNP2 or Rane 72 Innofader, Innofader Slipmats, TShirt + Banner 

Glowtronics Custom Pair of Slipmats, 2’x4’ Tapestry/Banner, Custom ALL-OVER printed T-shirt + Sponsorship with Glowtronics!

Round trip flight & hotel to London to battle in the 2019 DMC DJ World Finals on Sept. 28th!


2nd place: 2019 DMC US Runner Up: Toltech (Chicago) won

Rane Twelve

Technics C50 (Bluetooth speaker)

Technics Headphones

DMC Rane Twelve control discs from 12inchSkinz

Odyssey 80 count Flight Zone Case

Rock & Soul a bag of swag + $20 gift card

1 year membership to National Assoc. of Mobile Entertainers

Mini Innofader Plus, Innofader Tshirt + Slipmats

Glowtronics custom Pair of Slipmats + custom 2’x4’ Tapestry/Banner


3rd place: DJ Ragoza (Chesterfield MA) won

Technics Headphones

Odyssey 80 count Flight Zone Case

DMC Rane Twelve control discs from 12inchSkinz

Rock & Soul a bag of swag + $20 gift card

Innofader Mini Pro w/Reck housing, Innofader Tshirt + Slipmats

GlowTronics Custom Slipmats


Every competitor recieved a set of Innofader slipmats and a 2019 US Finals commemorative banner from Innofader & Glowtronics


Jico/LP Tunes gave just about every competitor free replacement cartridges.


Established in 1985, DMC DJ Battles are the most legendary, longest running and prestigious DJ battles in the World. From the DMC stage, legends are made. Some of the music industry's best DJs are DMC World Champions including DJ Craze, Mix Master Mike, DJ Qbert, A-Trak and DJ Cash Money.


Thanks to Mile High DJ Supply for being the best! 

Mile High DJ Supply 

6652 Wadsworth Blvd Arvada CO 80003

[email protected]

Phone: 720-515-0384



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