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2019 DMC Australia DJ Championship Final - Result
2019 DMC Australia DJ Championship Final - Result



2019 Australian DMC State Heats

TAS DMC DJ Championships
(9th August @ Mobius Lounge Bar

1st - Max Best
2nd - DJ Mad
3rd - Jape

QLD DMC DJ Championships
(10th August @ Rumpus Room

1st : Nikk C
2nd : Will K
3rd : Soundczech

VIC DMC DJ Championships
(16th August @ Laundry Bar

1st : Wallzee
2nd : Jewlz
3rd : Crossfire

WA DMC DJ Championships

(25th August @ Universal Bar

1st : Bace Kadet
2nd: DJ Que
3rd: Mizhap

NSW DMC DJ Championships
(6th September @ Foundry 616

1st : Squat
2nd : Zah
3rd : D Pak

The Australian DMC DJ Championships (National Finals)
14th September @ Laundry Bar


Bace Kadet (WA)

DJ Squat (NSW)


Max Best (TAS)


Nikk C (QLD)


Wallzee (VIC)


Midsole (Defending Champ)

The night started with a Free DJ Seminar from K Swizz (4 X World Champ), Spell (Online DMC World Champ) and Total Eclipse (X-Ecutioners). Each of them showcased a 5 min set followed by an explanation of how they formulated the set and answered any questions the crowd had. It was a great way to educate the up comers about what goes on behind the scenes and what it takes to be a battle DJ before the main event. The idea was to expose the art to people that don’t normally attend the DMC. Was a good turnout and many established DJs also attended as well to show support. 

Straight after the seminar doors opened to the public and the club quickly filled up while spell took the decks to warm up the crowd. Then it was time for the battle ! The Master and Osyris took the Mic, laid out the running order, thanked the sponsors and the competitors came on shortly after. Everyone did extremely well and standards were high compared to previous years. Few nerves and hitches with Nikk C stopping his set due to a technical problem. He was advised of the rules that he could change the equipment and start over but he declined and continued with his set bringing the house down with his original style and techniques. The crowd showed total support to each and every contestant and the atmosphere grew as the night progressed.

After everyone did their 6 min sets, the judges tallied the scores and Total Eclipse took the decks to rock a club/ trick set that blew the audience away. Straight after K Swizz jumped on and showed the crowd why he was the 4 X World Champ. Then it was time for the winner announcements!! All competitors were asked to go on stage as tensions grew. The Master and Osyris took the mic once again thanked all sponsors and then gave the audience the 3,2,1.

DJ SPELL (DMC Online World Champ)

Total Eclipse (X-Ecutioners)

K Swizz (4 X World Champ)


Total Eclipse (X-Ecutioners, ITF World Champ)
Spell (DMC Online World Champ)
J Red (ITF X-Perimenatal Category World Champ)
ASK (2 X Australian DMC DJ Champ)
Osyris (2 X Australian DMC DJ Champ)
Broke (2015 Australian DMC DJ Champ)

Competitors were judged on the following criteria: Technical Juggle, Technical Scratch, Creativity, Musicality, Crowd Response, and Execution.

Each judge selected their top 3 and scores we're tallied up with the following format : (1st place = 3 points. 2nd place = 2 points. 3rd place = 1 point)



1st: Wallzee

2nd: Midsole

3rd: Nikk C



1st: Wallzee

2nd: Midsole

3rd: Nikk C



1st: Wallzee

2nd: Midsole

3rd: Max Best



1st: Wallzee

2nd: Max Best

3rd: Midsole



1st: Wallzee

2nd: Midsole

3rd: Max Best



1st: Wallzee

2nd: Nikk C

3rd: Midsole



Wallzee : 3 + 3 + 3 + 3 + 3 + 3 = 18pts

Midsole: 2 + 2 + 2 + 1 + 2 + 1 = 10pts

Nikk C: 1 + 1 + 2 = 4pts

Max Best: 1 + 2 + 1 = 4pts



1st : Wallzee

2nd : Midsole

3rd: Nikk C + Max Best


3rd: Nikk C (QLD) + Max Best (TAS)


2nd : Midsole (WA)


1st : Wallzee (VIC)

Big congrats to Wallzee for taking out his first National Title !! We wish him the best of luck at the World DMC DJ Championships @ Islington Assembly Hall, London 28th September! 

Special thanks to all involved in this year’s championships:

Keith Bailey AKA Total Eclipse who helped in everyway possible leading up to our launch.

Kylie, Amber and Josette for their help with Promo and Stage Management on the night.

Our awesome hosts The Master and Osyris


Tim (DJ Rellik)

Rod Evans (DJ Elev8)

Sarah Sharma

Rhys Anderson Media

Deepa Tomlinson Photography

Ejo Ya

Dave Wrath

Big thanks to our state promoters :

Laundry Bar (VIC)

Joint Adventure (NSW)

Junkyard sessions and Rumpus Room (QLD)

Rappfox (WA)

Mobius (TAS)

and our Partner at the National Finals - Dave Barrett @ Laundry Bar

Finally, thank you to our sponsors who made the 2019 Australian DMC DJ Championships possible:

Rane : 
Shure :
Numark :
Ortofon :
Serato :
Concert AV :
Digilog Studios :
Infinity Faders :
Power Music (Perth) :
Twisted Pair Productions (Brisbane) :
Monster Robot Party :
United DJ Mixing School :

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