03. 2022 DMC World All Vinyl Championship

May 17 – July 9

A purely true school DJ battle experience using all vinyl records. 


Revised submission dates:

Elimination submission date: 17 May – 31 May closes 11:59 pm BST

DMC will notify the DJs who have made the Final Top 10 on 13 June.

Final submission date: 13 June – 20 June closes 11:59 pm BST

• Elimination Round: DJs submit a 2-minute elimination video.

• Final Round: Top 10  DJs to submit a 4-minute final video.

• This DJ competition is for solo entry only.

9 July – Live Stream @ 19.30 (BST) 

• This DJ competition is for solo entry only.

• Only analogue equipment is allowed with the turntable as the central instrument. No Digital Vinyl Systems. No laptops. No vinyl controllers. DJ routines must be composed using vinyl records.

• Any DJ video submission cannot be more than 4 seconds past the required time limit or it will be automatically rejected.

• Any video that is submitted after the deadline will not be accepted.

• Judges will decide which DJs advance to each round and the winner, second and third places.


General rules for 2022 DMC World DJ Competitions

2022 DMC World  Championship


DJ sets cannot be submitted after the closing date of the submission period.

• Free to enter.

• Open to any DJ, of any age, from around the world.

• Judges may include DMC World Champions and DJs with recognised international credibility and reputation.

• A DJ can only enter once per competition.

• Except for the DMC World Team Championship, competitors must be bonafide nationals in their country of entry or be able to prove that they have resided in that country for a minimum of 6 years. (If you are not a National of the country you reside in, you may enter under your passport country).

• DMC retains rights to change the rules of the contest whereby and when, in their opinion, it is in the interest of the events competition fairness. The decision of DMC is final.

• The champion of the previous year is invited to defend their title.

DJ Video Submission


• No graphics or signage can be added to video submissions.

• All videos must be uploaded before 11:59 pm BST on their due date.

• Videos cannot be longer than 4 seconds overtime limit.

• DJ video submission cannot be more than 4 seconds past the required time limit or it will be automatically rejected.

• For reasons of quality, videos must have direct audio (ie: audio must be directly recorded from the sound source into your recording device and not recorded through an external microphone on a phone or computer).

• A video entry must not contain nudity, pornography or sexually explicit visual content. The video will be removed if it contains content of this nature.

• DMC reserves the right to delete any entry deemed to be inappropriate.

• Competitors must respect Youtube’s regional terms and conditions and Youtube’s community guidelines.

• Video editing is not accepted (DJs cannot edit two or more different performances into one set). DJs must submit a non-stop performance. There are no restrictions on creative film presentation, for example – multi-camera angles, blue/green screen techniques, video back-drop, providing the recording is continuous from start to finish.