Name – Yi Chung
From – Taiwan

A Little bit about me :

Rex Chen Yi Chung is a turntablist base in Taiwan who uses a strict DJ vantage to explore and create new worlds within the elements of music, noise and sound. Preferring the analog feel of Vinyl , Cheng Yi Chung has a vast back catalogue of vinyls, which he likes to blend together with all different genres of music, from Instrumental, Electronic, Minimal, IDM, Glitch, Noise ,Expermental ,Improvise and countless others to create something that is quite often rare and unexplored by any other artist or DJ.

Cheng Yi Chung has a deep connection to Japanese Indie culture and has used this interest to explore further into new and unheard types of music that he fuses together with other genres to create what is always described as a truly unique experience. Now he often improvise with musicians from all over the world. In 2019, group with Jiun-Yang Li and Xiao Liu, forms a trio “Buddha Tiger Dog”.

My Socials:

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