Name – Sylvester
From – United States

A Little bit about me :

Hailing from Mobile, Alabama the birthplace of Mardi Gras, ItsInTheBook has always had a love & respect for DJ’ing. To him, it is a true art form that requires dedication & discipline, he has a great appreciation for those who do it well. Not one for many words, whenever asked why he enjoys DJ’ing so much, his response is simple yet profound: “Because it’s fun”. ItsInTheBook is often complimented on the fact that he is not only able to play songs that everyone knows, but in the same breath, dig in the crates & incorporate B sides that are often unknown. You can find ItsInTheBook spinning on his new featured set with Get Live Radio Saturdays @ 9pm. ItsInTheBook’s future endeavors consist of performing at live festivals, scratching on records, producing instrumentals & developing his own radio station.

My Socials: