Technics present The 2020 DMC World DJ Championships

Welcome to the worlds most prestigious World DJ championship! In a very challenging year for everyone, we have been working hard behind the scenes to continue to give every DJ in the world, the opportunity to compete in the annual DMC / Technics World DJ Championship.

DMC, pioneers of so many aspects of International DJ Culture over the past three decades proudly welcome back TECHNICS as global sponsorship of this event.

This year we will be hosting the DMC World DJ Championship online. Open to any DJ in the world!

This annual world wide DJ competition will put your filmed set in front of a global audience and the winner will be crowned the 2020 DMC/ Technics World Champion.

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2020 DMC World Championships Schedule:

7th September: Site Launch – DJ Practice room opens
DJs anywhere in the world can upload a 1 minute practice / freestyle / scratch video.
DJs and fans will be able to comment and show support of the sets uploaded in the practice room.

16th September: Upload begins for National Championships
DJs can start uploading their sets for their National Championships. DJs will film and upload 4 minute video entries for the national championships and select their country from the menu on the site.

23rd September: National Championships Launch
Countries around the world start to begin their countries national championships

28th October: End of National Championships
By this date all national championships have taken place and all results will posted on the site. We will know by this date which DJs will be going through from each country to the DMC World DJ Eliminations.

28th October: World Eliminations submission opens
National Champion DJs who have advanced to the World Final can now upload their 2 minute World Final Elimination set.

8th November – DMC World Eliminations
At 6pm GMT the DMC World DJ Elimination videos will go live on the DMC site for the world to see. The videos will be sent to DMC Champions to judge.

16th November – DMC World Finalists Announcement
At 4pm GMT all judging results from DMC Champions will be posted on the DMC site and the World Finalists will be announced.

27th November – DMC WORLD DJ FINAL
At 6pm GMT all the DMC World Final videos will be released as a live stream. Once the DMC World Final performances are live we will send the videos to the DMC World Champions for judging.

4th December –